“Why don’t you go watch an Australian singer” Betoota Heights dad, Nic Koronis (45) says to his three teenage daughters who are gathered around the laptop this morning.

“What about someone like Natalie Imbruglia, or Vanessa Amarossi… What’s the obsession with this yank shit”

This follows the news that the pre-sale tickets for the Sydney shows of the Taylor Swift tour have sold out, three and a half hours after they went on sale – with the online queue for tickets set an all-time record for Ticketek.

Social media is currently alight with either celebrations of commiserations, with far more people missing out than securing tickets.

Nic’s daughters are among those who didn’t get their hands on any. However, with no Queensland shows scheduled, the convenience of location means very little to the Koronis girls – who are more than willing to travel an extra 1000 kilometres to see her in Victoria.

They remain glued to the screen as they attempt to nab tickets to the Melbourne stadium show, after tickets went on sale at 2pm.

Their father, knowing full well this means he’s going to be covering even more travel and accomodations costs, is playing dumb in the face of this Beatlemania-like fandom.

“Fair bit of carry on over this Taylor Swift don’t ya reckon” says the same bloke who has seen Bruce Springsteen perform live 38 times, and actively followed him playing the exact same set list on every tour date during his 2014 tour.

When confronted with his own hypocrisy by his now very furious daughters, Nic is quick to defend himself.

“That is completely different! The Boss is a real performer!! snd he sings about real shit too, like love, heartbreak, The American Dream… From a time when men were men” says Nic, trying to sound smart.

“Not to mention the complexity of the middle class interpretation masculinity and the pressures placed on young men to get a job and get married young – even if it’s to the wrong person”

“Taylor Swift doesn’t hold a torch to Bruce. All she sings about is boys”


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