White Lotus! Euphoria! Succession! The Idol? 

In a stunning turn of events, HBO’s much-anticipated series, ‘The Idol,’ has left audiences with a resounding applaud of silence. After months of hype and anticipation, viewers were left with the overall feeling of ‘the ick’ after watching The Idol.

Unsure if they’d watched a drama series or a leaked tape of Lily-Rose Depp released without consent or knowledge from HBO. 

“The Idol is so good,” said absolutely no one. 

“Don’t watch it with your parents!” 

One viewer found this out the hard way and was left emotionally scarred going through 60 minutes of fully fledged nudity with his mother. 

“… and the Weeknd’s performance, what a break out role!” claimed nobody, when watching intimate scenes of the Canadian singer whispering sweet nothings into Depp’s ears. 

Besides the fact that the show defies all reasonable logic, character development and basic storytelling, grasping at straws one Euphoria fan identified the silver lining, “at least the cinematography was decent.” 

The series was touted as a groundbreaking exploration of fame, passion, and sacrifice, however upon watching the series, viewers we’re quick to realise the show was Abel’s aka The Weeknd chance to cosplay a cult leading predator and “see some titties”. 

People are putting this down to the poor decision The Idol’s creators made when they asked the Canadian singer to co-write and co-produce the show. 

As the dust settles on this ill-fated series, it serves as a stark reminder that even the most esteemed networks make mistakes. The show is a testament to the profound impact it had on absolutely no one.


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