The nation’s Opposition has today levelled some heavy criticism at the current party in power.

Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor has furiously fronted the media this morning to accuse the Labor Party of trying to steal his homework.

Hailing from the self-proclaimed ‘superior economic management party,’ Taylor has declared to the nation that he is the victim of plagiarism.

“The Treasurer has just stolen our budget surplus mate, it’s bullshit,” said the furious Taylor to The Advocate.

“This is the absolute classic example of someone at university doing sweet fuck all during the group project, and then coming along and slapping their name on it right before you hit submit.”

Taylor’s claims centre around the projected $9.3 budget surplus in this year’s budget, following on from last years $22 billion dollar net positive.

However, Taylor has explained that the Labor government is simply taking credit for all the good work that his party did during their 10 years in government.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the third budget from his government was “a powerful demonstration of Labor’s responsible economic management.”

The economic management claim is as a particularly nose rubbing sledge, with the Liberal-National Coalition running campaign after campaign on the Labor party being unable to manage the economy.

Taylor says that next year’s deficits are proof that the Labor party just aren’t up to it.

“When you think about it, next year’s deficits are actually the first budget the Labor government is responsible for,” he said.

“Proof’s in the pudding, they just can’t manage the economy.”

He then walked off the stage patting himself on the back and saying, good job Angus.

More to come.


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