After playing a big role in the Gold Coast Titan’s first finals appearance in five years, NRL rookie Jayden Campbell is already back in the gym to prepare for what many believe will be a sensational 2022 season.

Many believed the 21-year-old was too light to even get a start in 2021, but his elusive ball skills and natural eye for the game was enough to get land him the starting fullback jersey for seven games.

After being identified as the key variable that kicked the Titans into momentum on their impressive finals run, Jayden was awarded a three-year contract extension on the Gold Coast – and as the club’s first ever 2nd-generation player, he’s already a fan favourite.

As the prodigal son of former Gold Coast icon and foundation player Preston Campbell, the Titans Renaissance now depends on Jayden’s ability to avoid injury and keep fit.

However, at 78 kilograms ringing wet – it’s become clear to both Jayden, the club, and his old man that the kid needs to bulk up rapidly this off-season.

After surviving his first ever Mad Monday without a scandal, the future of the Gold Coast rugby league is now back in the Titans Parkwood Training Centre.

With Preston joining the coaching staff to keep a watchful eye on his son’s off-season preparations, it’s not the bench press or the spin bike getting a touch up today – it’s the cutlery.

A special order has been placed with the famous Broadbeach Italian restaurant, Gemelli, who have hand delivered 15 kilograms of spaghetti amatriciana and 3.7 litre protein shake.

Jayden appeared daunted by the sight of the first ever high-carb dish in his new speficially tailored off-season meal plan.

“All of it???” Jayden asks his training staff with a sigh.

The coaches, visibly hesitant about forcing a kid to eat 11.7% of his body weight in one sitting, turn to his father for back up.

The old man takes his cue.

“All of it son” responds Preston.

“The game’s changed. The little fellas don’t last as long as I did anymore”


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