One of Toorak’s most prominent stay-at-home wives is today rushing to get her wives is today rushing to pack her Saint Laurent suede duffle bags, after Victoria records 30 new active cases amongst poor migrant frontline workers.

Delilah Cannon-Pratt (46) says Victoria’s spike in COVID-19 clusters could very well trigger the NSW Premier to close the borders again, a move that could very well threaten her long-awaited winter holiday break at the Byron house.

On Saturday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews tightened the state’s restrictions on gatherings and postponed planned easing of other restrictions after a surge of positive tests. The state has recorded over 20 new cases each day since Sunday.

While travel remains open to Delilah’s home-away-from-home in the NSW Northern Rivers, she feels like she better get a hurry on before anymore of these reckless Muslims decide to continue spreading this virus.

“I don’t like saying this but I think Andrew Bolt is right” she says.

“We worked so hard to keep this thing contained and these communities of new Australians just didn’t take it seriously”

“I don’t think it’s fair for the rest of us. I haven’t been on a holiday since we flew back from Aspen in early April.”

“Not to mention the fact that I had to isolate for 14 days when we landed. I mean, we got an exemption to do it from home, but still…”

Aside from her six girlfriends who flew up this week, Delilah will be travelling solo to Byron this time, as her husband, Pete (77) remains in lockdown in the Portsea beach house, due to concerns about him being in the high-risk bracket because he’s as old as shit and drink three bottles of grange over lunch every day.

Luckily, for Delilah, she doesn’t have a job and the twins are both at Timbertop. So realistically, she really can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. And she does.

“Look. I know everyone is saying we should stay put but It’s been months already” she moans.

“Why should I have to suffer just because some people can’t understand English?”

“Plus, I think I caught some niggling little flu in the slopes. I need a week in the sun to shake it off”


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