In an unprompted review, Dad has awarded the iconic Dunlop KT-26 the title of the Greatest Shoe Of All Time, Ever. The announcement, which came as a shock to local New Balance fans, was made to nobody in particular whilst Dad proudly unboxed his newest pair in preparation for a christening powerwalk.

The iconic KT-26 was released in 1978, less than one year after the death of Elvis Presley, although experts say these two events were probably not connected. 1978 also gave the world LaserDisc players, Kobe Bryant, and Cabbage Patch Dolls, none of which have aged as well as the timeless KT-26.

Although now made offshore, the KT-26 was originally manufactured in the Dunlop-Slazenger Factory in Alexandria NSW.

The factory building still exists, but like most industrial sites in Australia is now used mainly for decoration.

Dad’s brief and unsolicited outburst did not include any mention of the reason for the footwear accolade; however, family members close to Dad have suggested that the KT-26 meets a number of critical Dad criteria such as low cost, stylish, inexpensive, blue in colour, minimal RRP, ready availability and budget-conscious price.


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