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YouTube has followed earlier moves by Facebook to remove material posted by QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory-based group, a move which echoes similar bans by Twitter in June, Facebook on October 8, and Reddit in March of 2018. 

The bizarre conspiracy theories of QAnon centre around a belief that President Trump is planning on launching a mass-arrest of members of a powerful secret international satanic sex-trafficking ring that regularly kidnap children.

Other, similarly comical theories include that every mass-shooting is a false flag, that drinking bleach will cure COVID-19, and that President Trump is somehow smart enough to secretly mastermind a massive logistical operation. 

The fact that America’s sleaziest President is arguably more likely to be on the wrong side of the impending mass arrests, and couldn’t even keep his embarrassing tax returns secret, does not seem to trouble exponents of the conspiracy theories; nor does the fact that Q, the source of the information, is treated as a hero, even though his actions would technically be undermining the secret operation.    

Following the changes, randomly-sampled tests have revealed mankind as a whole has become smarter, with the average IQ jumping by 15 points.

The previous figure of around 100 was the old average, but the new figure of 115 represents a reading of ‘High Average’ on the old scale. 

Psychologist Albert Sphincter says the figures are surprising but believable.

“To be honest, we were expecting an increase, but 15 points is quite significant in such a short period of time, and just goes to how much these morons were dragging down the human race as a whole”.  

However, hardcore QAnon devotees say the results are not to be trusted.

“That’s bullshit, man” said QAnon fan Adam Nicholl.

“That’s just scientists and the fake news media with their ‘statistics’. I get all my information from trusted, independent sources; the last thing I want is to be played like some sort of pawn in a political game”. 


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