One popular local husky unit has turned up to footy training this week with a newfound confidence in his big beautiful body.

With a stable long-term relationship and a couple kids, Betoota Ponds-based labour hire logistics manager, Loto Ah-Kee (31) has never really come across as the type of guy who has body image issues.

In fact, he’s never really had them. But this is the first time any of the boys have seen him feelin good as hell about his portly 150-kilogram rig.

While nothing has been confirmed, his teammates suspect that Loto’s misso may have introduced him to the music of American singer/rapper Melissa Viviane Jefferson – known professionally as ‘Lizzo’.

The artist is known best for songs like “Juice”, “Boys”, and “Good As Hell” and often incorporates themes of body confidence and self-love in her music. Something that appears to be rubbing off on the rotund fourth grade prop.

While the coach hands out the new jerseys for this week’s semi-final, Loto remarks that the club’s transition from cotton to polyester got a bih lookin’ like ragu.

“This is a good lid” he says, while running his fingers down his girthy chassis.

“If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine”


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