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With an afternoon up her Sportscraft sleeve, French Quarter woman Chive Bergamot caught a glimpse of herself in the window of a local shopfront and quietly said, ‘Fuck it,’ to herself.

That shop front was the Monsieur Broute Minou Ice Creamery on Rue de Putain Cheval. And with a friend in tow, she ducked in to buy herself some gelato.

But as Broute Minou is famous for having such a wide selection of delicious treats and flavours, the choice was hard.

Chive speaks Betootanese Creole but most of the signage in that part of the French Quarter is in Canadian French, making it often harder to read and understand because it’s largely gibberish.

But that didn’t stop her from asking the wage-slave in the filthy apron behind the gelatos for three different samples to try before deciding on an ice cream she’d had six times before.

Out the front Chive sat with the sun on her back. Her friends laughing, smiling and eating gelato like they didn’t have a care in the world.

Even when the young mother at the next table over asked Chive and her friends to stop smoking their Dunhill Reds, they didn’t stop laughing.

Speaking to our reporter, Chive said she knew she was taking the piss out of the bloke and did it because she could.

That was all she told The Advocate before telling us to fuck off.

More to come.


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