Prime Minister Scott Morrison has dug in his heels as public pressure mounts around his decision to do nothing about the deportation of a much-loved family currently being held on Christmas Island, as they await the outcome of a last-ditch legal effort to stay in Australia on Friday.

The case of the Sri Lankan family has dominated headlines this week, as their now hometown of Biloela beg the government to make an exception for this family who are facing deportation back to Sri Lanka – where they face imminent danger as ethnic Tamils.

Home Affairs Minister, and prominent Au Pair and white South African farmer advocate, Peter Dutton has denied the family’s multiple applications for asylum because their well-documented experiences about watching people get tortured and killed as a result of ethnic violence is enough to defrost his dark compassionless heart.

Dutton has hit back at advocates and “Labor opportunists” for trying to prevent the deportation of a Tamil couple and their Australian-born children to Sri Lanka, saying they are not refugees.

Mr Morrison has joined his wildly incompetent Home Affairs Minister and factional rival by also dismissing pleas to let the Biloela Tamil family stay as “Twitter public sentiment”

“It’s about doing the right thing by the national interest. It’s not about chasing public sentiment” he told reporters in Melbourne, which is a long way away from Biloela.

Despite public rallies over the weekend in support of the family and half-hearted calls from Labor to show “compassion” in the case, Scott Morrison said he would not be granting an exception.

“That’s not how you run strong borders,” he said.

“These so-called concerned residents of this so-called remote Queensland town are just out-of-touch lefties”

“This is just like any other issue that I’ve allowed Dutton to shit the bed with… I’m going to blame the lefties”

“It’s the Byron Bay of central Queensland. These people are out of touch with the quiet Australians”

“For shame Labor!”


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