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A hard working single mum has today found herself being impressed by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after finding out he not only juggled several jobs but also made time for his jungle curry.

Tara Creevey [32] tells The Advocate that she’s been forced to work two jobs due to her rent hiking up, all while looking after her five year old son Theo without the help of anyone else.

Though she’d often found herself on the breach of mental collapse, Tara says that hearing about Morrison’s secret jobs has put things in perspective for her, helping her to realise that if an incompetent bloke like him can do all those jobs and have time to make dinner, so can she!

“He’s a bit of an inspiration, that Morrison”, says Tara, “not only was he able to do so many jobs, but he was able to hide them too!”

“That takes a lot of skill.”

“And, he had time for his music hobbies and to cook his delicious medium rare chicken curry.”

“No wonder he had to sedate himself to sleep! With an ability to multitask like that, he must have a very active mind.”

Tara says she’s now taken a leaf out of Side Hustle Scotty’s hustling handbook, and added a third job to her roster.

“I’m doing it the Scotty way”, giggles Tara, “it’s cash in hand, and I’m not telling the government a thing.”

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