The PM has refused to disendorse a controversial Liberal party candidate for the Western Sydney electorate of Howard – after the backlash surrounding several comments that compared underpaid public health nurses to KKK lynch mobs.

Helga Hershell, a handpicked candidate who was introduced to Scott Morrison by their mutual friend Hillsong Founder Brian Houston, is just one of many poorly-vetted conservatives that have been parachuted into this election by a Prime Minister that is hellbent on stoking culture wars as a last ditch effort to destroy the moderates in his own party.

As recently as March this year, Hershell posted comments on social media that appear to vilify health workers.

“Pediatric nurses are basically the KKK.” she wrote.

“They love wearing masks and scaring our kids with their oppressive brainwashing – they are a modern day lynch mob who should lined up agenst (sic) the wall and shot like they traitors they are”

She also compared her lobbying to stop much bigger Polynesian boys from competing in junior footy to standing up against the Holocaust during a YouTube panel last year.

However, Morrison has said he won’t bow to the ‘cancel culture’ mob pressuring him to have Ms Hershell removed as the party candidate for Howard.

“Australians are sick of walking on egg shells” said the PM

“Heaven forbid a strong, Christian woman has an opinion of her own. To all of the woke inner-city elites criticising Mr Hershell – I say, get a life. This place is seriously turning into China. You can’t say anything nowadays”

However, Liberal moderates have been concerned Ms Hershell’s stance against pediatric nurses could result in a loss of votes from the electorate – which they say has become much more marginal ever since Morrison overruled their initial pre-selection.

The seat is currently held by Labor, who only held on by 1000 votes in the 2019 election. The local NSW Liberal Branch had high hopes off winning back the seat with a local 2nd-generation migrant small business owner who coaches a local football team and volunteers at a soup kitchen every night of the week.

That was before Scotty intervened and replaced his own party’s candidate with one of the most unhinged Pentecostal Christians in Western Sydney.


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