Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has backed his handpicked Liberal candidate, Katherine Deves, despite intense internal pressure for her to stand aside over her views on transgender people.

Deves is running in the seat of Warringah, once the safest Liberal stronghold in the nation, until Tony Abbott was voted out for the Independent Zali Steggal in 2019.

It is not yet known why Morrison is so staunchly defending Deves, whose comments comparing gay kids to Nazis have gone down like a lead balloon amongst blue blood voters who only really care about fixing climate change and paying less tax.

Some say Morrison is white knuckling through the Liberal revolt out of pride, considering that Deves is one of his 12 handpicked and poorly vetted NSW candidates, whose controversial pre-selections have seen him dragged to court by his own party.

Or it could just be a rare example of the Morrison government strategically thinking ahead – sacrificing the north shore by planting a firebrand nobody that makes jokes about trans people killings themselves.

Deves may not win, but her presence gives the Murdoch machine a culture war to pull their dicks over for the next 5 weeks, conveniently steering the news cycle away from the aged care crisis and housing crisis.

While Nine and NewsCorp newspapers continue to freak out about our daughters being spear tackled by trans women who look like Sonny Billy Williams, suburban voters are being convinced that the PC police not only wants to monitor everything we say – but they also want to burst our spleens as well.

However, these outer suburban concerns about woke censorship don’t seem to be landing on the North Shore of Sydney, according to one Warringah voter, Clyde Flatley-Mortlock (71).

“I didn’t even know women were allowed to play sport” he tells The Betoota Advocate.

“I mean, netball, yes…”

“But I thought that was just a way for them to keep fit until they find a wife”

Clyde, like many other voters in his electorate, says trans women playing sport isn’t nearly as shocking as the fact that there is an AFLW in the first place.

“Are you serious” he asks

“Like matching uniforms and everything??”

“That is hilarious!”


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