One of Betoota airport’s most committed sales guns has today sharpened her harpoon, after spotting a pod of white wales heading her way.

As a wine rep working the floor in the terminal thoroughfare, Tanya Burleigh (57) knows her strike rate is far less inspiring than her colleagues working the cellar door.

But when you’re on, you’re on.

And right now she’s on.

Because about 15 metres to her left, there are 8 cashed up retirees rolling in her direction with a skinful of overpriced piss from the airport bar.

Without a wife insight, this boomer golf trip could see Tanya double Winter targets in one afternoon – if she plays this right.

Her biggest hurdle is the fact that eight drunken silver foxes equals sixteen drunken opinions on what good wine tastes like.

But her biggest advantage is that eight drunken silver foxes also equals eight drunken egos that need to be stroked because they are already missing their wives back home.

Tanya readjusts the bottles on her table, to let them know she’s got a little something for everyone.

The red hue of intoxication is smeared across all of their faces, indicating that this is either the last night of the trip – or it’s day two, after an over-the-top first night.

She turns around and quickly reapplies her war paint: bright red lippy and the most powerful perfume known to man.

She pretends to not notice the senior gentlemen making their way toward her, but their sudden silence shows that they’ve noticed her.

Then it rings outs. The warmest lead of all.

‘What are you tryna flog off here luv?’ asks the smart arse of the group, with a cheekiness that sounds very close to a catcall.

She’s got ‘em.

Tanya spins on her heels to face them.

‘What are you looking for old man?’

The crowd erupts in laughter, as she winks at the blushing old codger.

He snaps back into gentleman mode.

‘Ummm what were we just drinking before fellas? Shiraz?’

‘I’ve got Shiraz’ says Tanya.



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