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In some heartwarming news, women’s sport is finally getting the media coverage it deserves, having received virtually no attention save for the odd few articles about Ash Barty.

Now largely dominating the news, women’s sports corporations are said to be ‘beyond excited’ that their work is finally being acknowledged, having always played second fiddle to male athletes. This is despite women making up for roughly 40% of competitive sports, and earning only 4 % of media representation – most of which either involves women who are incredibly exceptional, or incredibly hot.

But now that’s changed, and it’s largely due to the efforts of the liberal government, who have all of sudden decided that they care about ‘the fairer sex.’

Though the party has a long and muddied history of covering up sexual assault, creating a hostile boys club environment and only really doing anything about women’s issues if it affects someone like Jenny Morrison, they’ve found themselves in an impossible predicament this week – having to choose between women or supporting trans rights.

Of course, much like Trump’s campaign back in 2016, the liberal government has carefully avoided any of the issues truly affecting everyday Australians, such as housing shortages and the rising cost of living, or even just addressing the ever-circling corruption rumours – choosing instead to focus all their energy into fear-mongering and riling up boomers. Or the ‘distract, deflect and defame’ approach.

And jumping on the train of this ridiculous argument that only affects a very small portion of Australians appears to be every single news site across the country, all making a collective effort to make something virtually no one was even thinking about into a massive issue and using the 0.04 trans women in this country as a political weapon.

With liberal party Warringah candidate Katherine Deves likening trans women to ‘nazis’ and ‘sex offenders’ it comes as no surprise that prime minister Scott Morrison continues to endorse her, seeing as if there’s anything the liberal party is good at, it’s striking every square in their ‘fuck minorities’ bingo.

It’s unknown what will come next in the news cycle coming for the election, but the current bet is either immigration or school kids using non-gendered language.

More to come.


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