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In some shocking news this morning, Jacinda Ardern has announced she will not be doing another term as New Zealand’s prime minister, stating that she doesn’t have the energy to seek re-election and has instead decided to focus on her family.

This comes as an increasing trend of millennials quiet quitting in search for a better work life balance, which has been largely criticised by older generations who don’t understand why anyone would choose not to spend decades in a job that is detrimental to their mental health, with a boss who doesn’t give two shits whether they live or die. 

Stating that she ‘just can’t even’ right now, Ardern admits she’s looking forward to not having to answer phone calls anymore or sitting on a stifling office chair, as she much prefers to work from home in a pair of comfy trackies.

When asked what she plans on doing after her last day, February 7, Ardern says she’s already started planning for her wedding on Pinterest, and that she might smash out several hours of the Sims.

Though coy about what job she has lined up, it can be expected that Ardern will no doubt choose a company that has both a positive workplace culture and aligns with her aspirations.

“Or maybe I’ll just chuck everything and live the nomadic lifestyle”, she laughs, “van life has been really appealing to me lately.”

More to come.


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