Kiwi journalists are in a frenzy today, after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed she is resigning from the job.

The bombshell news came this morning, with Ardern handing in her two weeks notice.

The generally well regarded Prime Minister says she’s stepping away from public service role for a lucrative job in the private sector.

Ardern says she’s excited to reveal that’s taking a lucrative job at the Otago Credit Union!

The managerial job at the Invercargill Branch of the credit union comes with a whopping 98,000 New Zealand Dollars a year plus super salary (translates to roughly 15-20k Australian).

With plenty of perks as well as the relatively huge salary, Ardern says she’s excited for the rest of her life.

“I’ve done it,” she laughed to The Advocate in an exclusive interview today.

“Mum and dad are over the moon. Said they could be prouder. House, kid and now the job that every parent dreams of for their kids.”

“And I don’t have to deal with the All Blacks losing the Bledisloe this year and the nation slipping into recession. That’s a hospital pass for the next man or woman up.”

Ardern says she’s looking forward to moving to the bustling southern metropolis of Invers, and is already looking at 4 bedroom places in the nice part of town.

“Obviously we’d have to put down 35 grand to get a place,” she sighed.

“But then we’d own a house, mortgage free in the City of Water and Light.”


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