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A woman who was simply trying to find her tax file number has today found herself taking a cute trip down menty b lane, after a scroll through her iphone notes saw her having flashbacks to three years worth of breakups, conflicts and gentle date rejections.

It’s alleged Holly Mathieson [26] had originally tried to track down her tax file number from all old emails, when she remembered that past Holly had been smart enough to jot it down in her iphone notes (though not smart enough to call it ‘tax file number’). 

However, after flicking past her most recent home decor lists, party ideas and a couple of funny late night thoughts she’d had, Holly soon stumbled into some pretty fucking embarassing notes.

“Hey, I honestly would like to hang again but I get the feeling you might be looking for a FWB situation and I’m looking for a relationship xx (2022 situationship).

“Hey guys, this is kind of gross but someone keeps leaving shit stains in the downstairs bathroom do you mind just double checking after you flush, thank you 😊 (2020 sharehouse).

“Babe I say this with love and really hope it doesn’t come across the wrong way, but if you talk about your boyfriend one more time I’m literally going to run into traffic. I’m sorry, again I LOVE YOU, I just can’t do any more boy chat hehe anyway how was your day x” (best mate 2021).

More to come.


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