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A woman has today been left reevaluating a close relationship, after it was revealed that her mum didn’t pay as much attention to her as she’d originally thought.

As someone who’d long held the belief that she was the apple of her mother’s eye, Lu Manning [28] found herself both shocked and insulted when her mum had the audacity to offer her food that she not only hated with a passion, but had been consistent in despising since she was a child.

Lu tells The Advocate that she’d popped over to visit her mum after getting weirdly sentimental about her family at 12 o’clock in the evening, but was quickly brought down to earth when she realised that her mum clearly didn’t love her.

It’s alleged she’d been rifling through her mum’s bare fridge looking for a snack when this incident occurred.

“Bloody hell mum, do you eat anything?”, she’d asked, trying to find something that wasn’t out of date, or a vegetable, “there’s nothing here.”

“I’ve got some pears in the fruit bowl”, her mum had answered.

Slowly turning around to stare at her mum in horror, a shocked Lu reminds her mum that she hates pears.

“I can’t have pears mum.”

“…you know that.”

“I’ve always hated them, don’t you remember?”

“They made me shit my pants when I was eight.”

“I can’t believe you don’t remember that.”

More to come.


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