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In the dying abyss of Facebook, a former schoolmate of a Betoota Heights man has emerged from the content doldrums to tell the world that he’s really into his ice baths now.

So much so, Coyne Peckham is starting to let the practice of plunging oneself into frigid water define him as a person.

His former classmate, Mark Frisbee, said he hadn’t heard much from Coyne since they left Betoota Heights Sports High in 2010. However, the memories he has of Coyne are not good.

“He’s a weird guy,” said Mark.

“That’s what I remember about him. He was an outsider and an attention seeker, which is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. In Year 8, for some reason, he decided to do a poo in the urinal. It wasn’t like he did it for a joke, he did it in front of us. Maybe he thought it was a joke but for me, it wasn’t,”

“It was a big deal at the time. He went away for a few weeks afterwards. We didn’t even put shit on his brothers, it was that weird. Mind the pun, sorry. But yeah, Coyne is a truly odd guy and I wish him the best. I can only hope he wants nothing to do with me ever again and I wish I never have to see or hear from him again,”

“Him posting about getting in an ice bath every morning was enough to remind me that I need to purge a few more people that I’m still following. God, I can still see him bent over laughing his head off while the rest of us frowned and shook our heads.”

The Advocate reached out to Coyne but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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