A very embarrassing video has surfaced of former Australian cricket captain and trouble-magnet Michael Clarke in a heated confrontation with his girlfriend, before he turned on media personality Karl Stefanovic who was also present.

The two men are reportedly forced to holiday together because their missos are sisters, and it seems that Christmas went a bit too long for everyone.

The showdown reportedly took place in Noosa on January 10 and was filmed by a bystander, who has obviously spent ten days shopping the footage around before it was undoubtedly sold for a small fortune to the ambulance chasers at NewsCorp.

A shirtless Clarke is seen to be involved in a screaming match with his girlfriend, who was accusing him of cheating at the top of her lungs in front of shocked onlookers.

Stefanovic, who appeared to be hosing down the situation, soon became the target for Clarke who called him the c-word several times.

This drama, which has been dubbed ‘Australia’s first celebrity scandal’ has just proven that it doesn’t matter who rich you are – four bottles of rose and a carton of coronas will always bring out the inner-feral.

Excited punters all rushed to tune into watch Stefanovic on the TODAY show this morning, just to see how much sleep he got last night after the footage leaked.

Surprisingly, ‘Karlos’ did not appear fazed by the drama – knowing full well that he comes across as the most level headed person in the video, while also playing the honourable role of the defensive brother-in-law.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, the lesser-known ‘fourth Stefanovic brother’ Rodney Stefanovic, an assistant editor for the late RALPH Magazine, says that his bro would be used to that kind of drama.

“We grew up in Cairns. You see that shit every night at Gilligans” said Rodney.

“Although Karlos did say that he could feel the red mist clouding his vision with Pup starting talking shit to him”

“He said he nearly held him against the wall and made him sing the DAMN team song”

“It’s what Katich would have wanted”


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