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The Opposition Leader of NSW Michael Daley has today chalked up another loss.

Following his previously unthinkable loss to the Developers and Boomers Party of Australia, colloquially known as the Liberal Party last night, Michael Daley somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a game of checkers this morning.

After conceding defeat to Gladys Berejiklian following his effort to Hillary Clinton the open layup, Daley has reportedly been milling around the house looking for something to take his mind off the loss.

Instead of getting out and doing the Coogee to Bondi like all of the other narcissistic people who live in the Eastern Suburbs do on their weekend, Daley decided to pass the time with a game of checkers.

However, his wife told our reporters that Daley was heard losing it a short time later after he somehow managed to lose to himself.

“I don’t even know why he plays checkers really, it’s a child’s game, but he takes it quite seriously,” she said over the phone.

“He used to play on the computer against other people, but quite often they had Asian sounding names and losing would set him right off.”

“So now he just plays against himself on the lounge room floor.”

More to come.


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