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A young craft beer reviewer is doing some soul searching in the urban essential oils capital of the country this morning.

The Newtown resident named Saul Anneck-O’Chamber isn’t doing the type of soul searching he’s done overseas off the back of his parent’s sizeable income and asset combo, but is instead trying to figure out where it all went wrong for the people of NSW.

Following the Labor loss in the election overnight, Anneck-O’Chamber says he just can’t figure out where it went pear-shaped.

“Everyone hates Gladys,” said the man who hasn’t been further west than Ashfield since he last went to one of his parent’s investment properties in the Blue Mountains.

“I just don’t get it. How didn’t the Greens win an overall majority, or Labor at the very least,” said the work boot enthusiast who’s never set foot on a building site.

“My social media feed has literally been filled with anti-Gladys material for the last 6 months, I thought everyone was on the same page,” he said taking a sip of his cold-pressed turmeric and arrowroot infused Kombucha.

“I mean my parents don’t really give a fuck about Gladys’ war on festivals or Sydney’s lack of nightlife, or anything that I care about, but I thought they were just dumb boomers and everyone else agreed with me.”

“It’s almost like people have different opinions to mine.”

Anneck-O’Chamber explained that he would now be taking a break from his social media activism before launching a campaign again in 2021.

More to come.


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