The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia has decided to champion a new issue today, after it personally started affecting him and his way of life.

Barnaby Joyce has called for a crackdown on misinformation on social media, following rumours being spread about a member of his family online.

The leader of the Nationals said that it is absolutely essential that big publishers like Facebook and Twitter do more to prevent people from spreading damaging information on the internet.

The man who refuses to pull guys like George Christensen into line for spreading nut-job theories about medical freedoms, masks, and public health policies, explained that someone needs to take ownership of this issue.

“These companies want to make their billions without taking on any of the responsibility,” explained Joyce, who is happy to lead a party without seeming to take on any of the responsibility.

“Social media is corrupting our society and damaging the mental health of our citizens,” said the noted funder and supporter of mental health services around the country, particularly in regional Australia.

It’s not yet known exactly what Barnaby wants social media companies to crack down on, but it’s believed to be any information that he doesn’t like or agree with.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has agreed with Barnaby’s comments, with the leader who disappears during national crises calling social media a ‘coward’s palace.’

The tech giants are yet to respond to the calls.

More to come.


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