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Some cunt in a blue shirt who got in touch with The Advocate today explained that the lockdown about to end in his hometown of Sydney wasn’t that hard and that the people complaining need some perspective.

From his large backyard full of mature plants and shade, Oli Plumb said he feels for people with young children but that’s where his sympathies end.

“Working from home and obeying the rules isn’t that hard,” he said.

“Aside from changing my address to the beach house so I could escape for a while wasn’t too bad. I stayed within my 5km radius, too. Unless it was for golf. But nobody has caught it outside anyway, so there’s no harm no foul,”

“Mask wearing wasn’t as bad as these people on the news say it is. I’m honestly lost for words about the complaining, too. Hello! Take a look around the world! Things are not too bad here.”

When asked what he does for a living, Oli said he volunteers.

More to come.


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