A husky and witty local gent has today indulged the internet in another one of his trademark zingers.

Brad Walsh from Sydney’s well heeled Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has taken to his Facebook account to leave a short but concise comment about the financial state of Women’s Football.

“Please, when the women actually generate some revenue, then talk to me about pay,” chortled the big fella on the comment section of some clickbait News.com.au article about Megan Rapinoe being a feminist Nazi who wants all men to be emasculated or some nonsensical shit like that, which was aggregated from a loud mouth podcast host or some neckbeard on the internet.

“I mean, show me the money,” laughed Walsh, who last night enjoyed an entire bay of the Sydney Cricket Ground to himself.

His comments after the Sydney Roosters took on the Manly Sea Eagles in front of a school hall worth of people, with the players heavily subsidised by some rich old boys who love the game and keep them successful and gambling companies.

“The women’s game doesn’t generate enough revenue to be viable,” continued Walsh, seemingly unaware that the night before, 41,000 people turned up to watch France v Panama in the Women’s World Cup at the Stadium right next door to where his beloved ‘Chookiessss’ play.

Completely ignoring that many of the games in the World Cup have been at capacity or very close to, Walsh says it’s much easier for him to just talk shit about women’s sport.

Walsh is also burying his head in the sand when facts emerge like the Matildas sold more jerseys before the World Cup then Socceroos did in the entire year of their last World Cup where they made it to the Round of 16.

“The skill level just isn’t up there anyway,” continued Walsh, who hasn’t watched a single game.

When asked why he doesn’t just enjoy a global spectacle on home soil and try and have a good time without bringing gender politics into everything, Walsh shrugged.

“Sorry I’m not simping haha,” laughed the bloke whose mum still does his laundry and hasn’t had a girlfriend since Year 6.

More to come.


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