A local office guy has today revealed to The Advocate that he’s worried he’s picked something nasty up over the weekend.

The accountant who moonlights as a 3rd Grade Back-rower at the Betoota Mutts Rugby Union Club on Saturday’s, said he’s feeling a bit under the weather.

Speaking to us over Facetime this morning, Brett Harvey explained that he reckons he might have the Vid, or a flu at the very least.

“Yeah, I’ve been rocked by something,” said Brett, who was seen indulging in more than a couple of inflammatories after footy on the weekend.

Starting at number 6 for the Thirsty Thirds, who chalked up a famous victory (a second for the season to take them off the bottom of the ladder), Brett says he’s not too sure where he picked up this cold or virus or whatever it is.

“I’ve got proper chills and body aches,” he sighed, parked up on the couch with a pack of butter menthols and a 2 litre bottle of Sprite he begged his girlfriend to pick him up.

While some have speculated that Brett’s behaviour between Saturday 12pm and midnight may have something to do with his body being struck down by an illness, Brett isn’t so sure.

“I mean yeah I got pretty muddy and then I had a few cans before I got in the shower and cleaned off, before having a few more cans in the drizzling rain on the sideline before going to the clubhouse for another 7 hours, where I ate dominos for dinner, but I don’t know.”

“There’s a bit going around, I think my girlfriend might have picked something up from her little nieces,” said Brett who played on a field that looked it belonged in World War 1 blockbuster, before going from hot to cold more times than a yuppie in a sauna/cold plunge wet area.

“I’ll just take it easy this week,” finished Brett, who is already planning on taking the whole week of work before doing it all again next weekend.

More to come.


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