A homecoming Betoota Boy has faced a bit of a sticky situation today.

Returning from the big smoke for a wedding, Andy Neville (33) has been confronted by his mates from school over a couple of cold Betoota Bitters.

The man who works at one of the Big Four consulting firms in our states capital of Brisbane, Andy has been asked about what he actually does on a day to day basis.

Catching up with his teacher mate, council mate, chippy mate and local conveyancing solicitor mate down at the Kidman Hotel, Neville was forced to explain how he earns a crust.

“Yeah, I work as a consultant down in the city,” laughed Andy, trying to brush off the question ahead of a likely large Thursday night on the tiles.

“It’s like an analyst thing I guess you could say,” followed up Andy, failing to erase any of the confusion in the faces of his school friends.

With the answer not satisfying anyone, his brashest mate Andy piped up.

“No, but like what do you actually fucking do at work? Like you turn up and your office and then what happens?” said Andy.

On the back foot, Andy tried to just rehash the shit he posts on his LinkedIn.

“Well I guess they way you could look at it is, I work as a highly skilled consultant and analyst who advises stakeholders on the viability of projects with consideration to variety of factors that can effect their implementation on a multifaceted level.”

“Like if someone has an issue with the way they are running a large scale project, we come in an analyse the whole structure of the project from top to bottom, and then provide tailored advice on how to eradicate inefficiencies and lost productivity.”

With his friends actually just laughing, one of his mates just moved the conversation on by saying:

“Your fucked c…”


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