The Betoota Advocate has today been on the receiving end of a threatening legal letter from one of Australia’s most high profile politicians.

Our humble regional newspaper was served with a take down notice at 2:43pm this afternoon, in relation to an image we published of One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.

The notice from lawyers acting for Australia’s most measured and beloved politician, demands that the image of Pauline Hanson posted by The Advocate be taken down immediately.

The image in question is of Pauline passionately engaging in an unexpected display of PDA with a tall handsome Sudanese man from Ipswich.

The identity of the hunky and spunky man gently and sexily nibbling Pauline’s top lip is yet to be determined, with Hanson’s legal team providing no clarity on that issue.

That takedown notice comes after Hanson refused to buckle on her parties cartoon mocking Robert Irwin for his latest tourism campaign.

Irwin has threatened to sue Hanson for depicting him in the cartoon, with Hanson telling Irwin he needs to toughen up.

Hanson has accused Irwin of ‘crocodile tears’ over the cartoon, despite famously commencing legal action against Simon Hunt to get him to cancel his drag character Pauline Pantsdown.

After consulting our in house legal counsel Greg in between a couple of urgent conveyancing gigs, The Advocate has made the decision to leave the image online.

More to come.


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