Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has today taken the international diplomacy to the next level.

With Australia currently hosting Chinese Premier Li Qiang, Albanese has reportedly decided to roll out the red carpet.

The man who has been trying repair the relationship with our biggest trading partner, has decided to take the Chinese Premier down to a Canberra icon.

The two leaders and their respective teams have been spotted heading down to Happy’s Chinese Restaurant in Civic, to try and cement the crucial trade partnership.

Famous for its prompt service and delightful meals, Happy’s is an institution in Garema Place.

After a whirlwind trip to see the Pandas and Malls Balls in Adelaide, Premier Li Qiang is now being treated to some of that famous food.

“Li my friend, don’t even look at the lunch specials mate,” said Albo to the Chinese Premier a short time ago.

“Get whatever you want,” he continued, motioning for a round of Tsingtao’s for the table.

“If you need a recommendation though, the Mongolian Lamb is on point.”

“Or if you want something a bit more traditional the honey prawns are to die for.”

“Of course, you know you don’t need to make room for the mango pancake. It always makes room for itself.”

It’s believed business is also on the menu with Albo keen to keep things civil with the people who grease our economic gears and not start a devastating trade war in a weird attempt to stir up the culture warriors and pretend like you are a patriotic tough taking Aussie who tells it like it is.

More to come.


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