The Federal Opposition have this week once again announced that Nuclear Power is the only thing that can save us from the type of bushfires we saw in the 2019 Black Summer, and the kind of flooding we’ve seen drastically increase across the Eastern Seaboard.

Although, it’s hard to tell if that is what they really believe.

Some would argue the topic of nuclear power is simply a ‘dead cat’ argument, aimed at shutting down the development of clean renewable projects that directly threaten the billion dollar fossil fuels industry that has compromised the Coalition with eye-watering donations and the promises for MPs to earn million dollar salaries after they leave politics.

But even in the face of 9 independent climate change-focussed political candidates targeting their last remaining blue-ribbon seats, the Coalition have only doubled down on Nuclear.

Those who haven’t been reading the Murdoch newspaper’s glowing coverage of Peter Dutton’s meteoric and hardly bumpy journey to become the Australian Prime Minister in 2025 would not be aware that a transition to nuclear power is a really good idea.

This is despite the fact that Australia’s leading energy executives, fund managers and investors do not think nuclear energy is financially viable in Australia. But Peter Dutton and his colleagues remain certain the experts are wrong, because ‘the private market’ will fund it.

While the Coalition says they will reveal the locations of its proposed reactors in the coming months. However, it remains unclear if voters will ever give the responsibility of building highly volatile nuclear reactors, capable of destroying the earth, in the hands of the same people who were in charge during the pandemic.

As many would remember, Australia’s jab roll-out will go down as one of the most disastrous modern public health programmes in the developed world. Starting with the Liberal Party forgetting to order enough vaccines for the entire country, which meant half of Australia needed to remain locked down until everyone could prove they had taken the the since discontinued (?) Astra-Zeneca vaccine which was initially earmarked for Australians over the age of 60, due to the risk of rare blood clotting disorders linked to the this lacklustre Oxford patent that Scotty only ordered because so many of the blue blood toffs in the Liberal Party are so proud of the fact that their dads paid for them to attend the elite British institution of higher learning as a pathway into Federal Politics. With not enough vaccines to go round, the blame fell squarely on ‘anti-vaxxers’ who were reluctant to get a jab that wasn’t even available for them to begin with.

This was a year after the Prime Minister had briefly declared that nobody needed to wear masks during the outbreak, because we didn’t have enough of them either, because they were all used up in the 2019 bushfires.

Later it became public knowledge that neither Scott Morrison or Greg Hunt had made one phone call to alternative vaccine providers, and everyone ended up catching the virus anyway.

This week, the Liberal and National Party coalition are begging Australians to please let them build reactors for the same kind of high-risk energy that not even the highly-resourceful and practical nation of Japan have been able to master without poisoning the entire northern Pacific Ocean.


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