The cost-of-living crisis is hitting us all hard, but fans of Neighbours have been hit hardest of all, financially and emotionally.

Running from 1985 until just the other day, Neighbours was a long-running soapie that by the time of cancelation was old enough to vote Liberal.

The end of the soapie with a 5.4/10 rating on IMDb has left a big half-hour-sized hole in the evenings of ordinary people such as local nanna Edith Crumb of Betoota’s Flight Path District.

According to nanna Edith, she had watched almost the entirety of the soapie’s 5,955 episodes meaning that 2,977 and a half hours of her life she spent watching the show were all for naught.

So to ensure the four months of the last forty years she spent watching the show had some meaning nanna Edith has observed 30 minutes of silence each evening during the time when the house would be filled with the sounds of Paul, Lucy, or Toadie.

“I haven’t seen her like this since Bobby died,” stated daughter Rebecca Crumb, ensuring that the candles her mum lit around a photo of Ian Smith as Harold Bishop would not be a fire hazard.

“She’ll be fine. As far as I’m concerned she’s been given an extra half hour every day. I mean, I never actually thought the show was going to end, it just went on and on and on.”

“It was so much like life; boring and relentless.”

“Plus, Home and Away is on in five minutes anyway. She’ll be right.”


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