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The Member for New England Barnaby Joyce has found himself walking the hallowed grounds of Royal Walcha Golf Club in the NSW Northern Tablelands today, trying to spot some of the big names from the world of golf along the way.

Mr Joyce told The Advocate that he was surprised he didn’t spot Open championship winner, the other Cameron Smith, and past Masters winner Adam Scott. Scott remains the only Australian to win golf’s most prestigious and sought-after Major tournement.

“I actually haven’t seen a bloke hit a golf ball all day,” he said.

“I might be here on the wrong day.”

The Women’s World Sand Green Championship is on this week in Walcha, leading many in the gallery to conclude that Mr Joyce had simply got the two tournaments confused.

When that idea was put to Mr Joyce, he conceded that’s probably what’s happened.

“You know, I was just thinking that. I was pretty sure that the Masters use grass greens. Ah well. Not the first time, not the last time.”

It comes just months after Mr Joyce and a pub full of other Walchonians watched the wrong Matildas game during last year’s World Cup, leading many to simply slap their own forehead lightly and wonder what Mr Joyce was going to do next.

A few weeks later, he slipped off a planter box in Canberra and greened out on the footpath. Something we’ve all done yet felt the need to unfairly pile on and harangue the people’s Barnaby for.

More to come.


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