Local man Jesse Doyle (29) found himself in a moral conundrum of e last night. He was faced with the daunting decision of either succumbing to dehydration or braving the wrath of a notoriously passive-aggressive bartender to refill the free water jug.

Jesse, who had made the bold choice of simply going to a pub sober, found himself in dire need of hydration after an intense game of darts. He scanned the dimly lit room in search for a water jug. 

Upon discovery the water jug was unsurprisingly empty, leaving Jesse with the grueling decision of dehydration, or having to ask the passive aggressive part time uni student bartender if he could possibly refill the jug.

Flynn (23), a part time Arts student, stood behind the bar, his eyes darting from one customer to another with a look of subtle disdain, clearly hung over from the night before. As Jesse approached, he could feel the weight of Flynn’s judgmental gaze boring into him.

“Uh hey, reckon you could fill up the water jug when you get a sec” Jesse said, mustering up all the courage he could gather.

With an eye-roll and a light sigh, Flynn begrudgingly grabbed the jug and filled it with water, all the while muttering something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like, “The bathrooms right behind you but whatever”

“What?” Jesse replied, not hearing the young bartender properly.

“Oh no nothing don’t worry” Flynn stated.


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