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In some sad news for emos and delinquents everywhere, it can be revealed that alternative retail store ‘Off Ya Tree’ may be shutting down for good.

The shop, known for their cheap piercings, gothic clothing and bongs marketed as ‘water pourers’ and ‘cocktail shakers’, has been slowly closing down stores in the past few months, with a store in Adelaide being the latest on the chopping block.

An insider at r/Adelaide said that they were informed at ‘lunchtime today that the store was closing permanently from 3,’ and that ‘three other stores interstate closed today too.”

This news has not been met well with loyal fans of the brand, who are unsure where they can get two for one frenulum piercings, or clothing that would have been popular in 2008.

As of reporting, the Brisbane city mall Off Ya Tree is still standing, but only because the emo spawning ground (Hungry Jacks) is just metres away.

More to come.


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