Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has today provided the nation with one of the strangest takes of the year.

A week after his party labeled a female Governor General a diversity hire, despite females being over half the population – Dutton has drawn comparisons between peaceful protests in front of the Opera House and the Port Arthur Massacre.

Speaking to media about a number of issues, Dutton decide to compare the response to pro-Palestine protests in the aftermath of October 7, to the response to the Port Arthur Massacre.

Speaking as a man who perceives himself as a strong leader (despite never providing concrete details on his unceremonious exit from the police force), Dutton accused Albanese of ‘weak leadership’ following those pro-Palestine protests.

Dutton said that Albanese did not rise to the moment, like John Howard did after Port Arthur, saying:

“While no one was killed during the October 9 protests, the events at the Sydney Opera House were akin to a Port Arthur moment in terms of their social significance.”

Despite some vague explanation’s, it’s not yet really known why Dutton is attempting to compare a massacre on home soil that killed 35 people, wounded 23 more and left a community and nation absolutely devastated.

Local member for Port Arthur and Labor politician Brian Mitchell has come out to request Dutton please stop making divisive comparisons to the extremely fucked up historical event.

Sources close to Dutton told The Advocate that he was hoping to utilise the fall out from the ‘Gas the Jews chants’ headlines, that were later proven to be fabricated, with NSW police confirming there was no evidence of anyone using that phrase at the protest.

The new attempt at trying to turn everything into a culture wars type issue has come as the latest example that the lightweight leader might be a little bit out of his depth when it comes to offering solutions or leadership on any issue other than ‘stopping the boats.’

More to come.


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