A Betoota Flights Path District man has this week caused some consternation amongst his wider friendship group.

Stopping in for a couple of drinks at a popular Old City District watering hole, Chris(tos) Theofarakis shocked friends by revealing he was pulling the pin after one single happy hour schooner.

With no footy training, children or work related commitments to attend to, Theofarakis confirmed he had an urgent appointment.

“Yeah, I’m booked in for a pedi you fucks,” said Theofarakis.

The comment due some confused looks from his friends, trying to join the dots on what was taking place.

“You what? Why? With fucking who?” said one of the loudmouth skippy blokes in the friendship group, furious that his mate was departing what look liked a bit of a Thursday night blow out.

“What the fuck,” laughed another one of his friends, quite perplexed at a fellow red blooded young man peeling off from the pub to go and get someone to attend to his filthy trotters for the best part of an hour.

“Is the missus taking you or something?” laughed another.

With a barrage of insults rapidly piling up, Theofarakis decided to hose down his friends by just being honest.

“Mate, it’s a Thursday evening treat,” he said.

“Come with me next time, it’s the best 80 bucks you’ll ever spend.”

“Youse are missing out.”


“It’s a thing, I swear.”

With the comments drawing growing laughter, Theofarakis decided to finish his schooners and leave the stupid malakes to it.

More to come.


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