Those who say two wrongs don’t make a right might have to think again.

In recent years, young Australians have found themselves facing both a climate and housing crisis whilst unfortunately also being the only ones who care about either.

But it’s not time for young Aussies to go up their Endep doses just yet as experts believe the climate crisis could end the housing crisis by creating lovely new beachfront properties in inland locations such as the city of Ipswich. 

With median house prices topping a million dollars across most of the nation, just 43 minutes from Brisbane in the town of Ipswich the median property price is less than half a million.

According to real estate experts we asked for a comment, there is no catch to these early noughties priced houses except for the fact that you now live in Ipswich.

“It’s an investment that will definitely pay off when the climate crisis pushes that shoreline inland,” stated real estate expert Mal Keown, who styles himself as ‘the Dr Karl of real estate despite the fact young people hate him.

“This region now floods so often that it barely makes the news, it’s like America with shootings”


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