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A group of pub patrons has marvelled this afternoon seeing a young bloke walking and watching a show on his phone – at the same time.

Standing on the stoop of the Glengarry Hotel in the Old City, a few locals stood drinking in the sun and bludging smokes off each other. Their jeans needlessly close-fitting. Guts beginning to protrude and hang over the belt buckles. The cool autumn wind blowing their thinning middle-class mullets to-and-fro. Someday, Someday by Thirsty Merc playing at a perfect volume inside while these specimens on the stood ironically sing along softly.

They all spy the young bloke at the same time.

Some kid, not much older than 20 or 21, walking with his AirPods in watching a show on his phone. Slipping between slow walkers and around strollers, screaming school children, over dogs and discarded rubbish bags. All while watching Mr Beast play Minecraft.

The locals looked on in awe.

“I don’t know how he does it,” said one.

More to come.


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