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Writer/fake clinical psychologist and ultimate ‘Pick me’ girl Bettina Ardnt has been left scrambling this week, after her key speaker Bruce Lehrmann was forced to pull out of her ‘Restoring The Presumption of Innocence’ conference.

This has been attributed to him losing his defamation suit against Channel Ten and journalist Lisa Wilkinson.

The event will be going ahead in June for $100 a head, and will feature a stellar array of speakers such as a legal commentator for The Australian and Sky News, and an expert on statistics to ‘expose how data on rape cases is misrepresented to downplay false allegations.’

Spearheaded by Bettina Ardnt herself, whose exploits include defending paedophiles, going on a ‘fake rape on campus’ press tour, and lying about her credentials, this event is said to be about how the ‘presumption of innocence has been tossed aside totally discarded by our biased media’ and ‘undermined by regular legislative tampering with basic principles of justice.’

A position that is an interesting one, seeing how Ardnt herself has made it her life’s mission to drag women in the media.

Unfortunately for Ardnt, her major drawcard in getting the incels to leave their Cheeto and semen-encrusted dens has pulled out just two months ahead of the event, leaving her to either find a new saviour for the sexually oppressed or to pull out all the stops to get Bruce Lehrmann back on board.

Which is why Ardnt is trying the Channel 7 method!

During Lehrmann’s trial, the court heard allegations that Channel 7 reimbursed Lehrmann for money spent on cocaine and sex workers in an effort to get him to take part in the Spotlight program – allegations which the network denied.

He was also allegedly provided with free and quite nice accommodation by Channel 7, as well as treated to many other things like $361 Tomahawk steaks and a karaoke machine.

Though the small number of ticket sales has meant that Ardnt can’t exactly get the $10K rub and tugs Brucey is allegedly fond of, Ardnt has been able to at least secure some subpar Sydney blow, a couple of Woolies Wagyu steaks, and a Brazilian body slide.

It’s unknown at this point if Lehrmann will be swayed by these offers, but hopefully no more to come.


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