An empty bottle of dishwashing liquid has been given a second life tonight as a local sharehouse battles to keep their expenses under wraps.

The Advocate understands the bottle in question, a 900ml vessel of lemon scented dishwashing goodness, was purchased in August last year and has been used over the past few months at 89 Webcke Crescent in the flight path district.

However with a few dregs left in the bottle, it’s alleged a thrifty housemate has decided to extend it further by refilling it with straight tap water.

“Why buy a new one when there’s heaps left in this bottle,” asked Dale Bosch, a 28-year-old IT specialist who can make a carton of long-life milk run for two weeks if it needs to.

“The trick is to buy the ultra concentrated stuff, you can make it last for a whole year if you get your ratios right.”

With the dishwashing liquid losing its gooey thickness and instead resembling a mild green fluid, similar to the piss in a trough at a mid-strength beer festival, Dale told The Advocate some prudent thinking just saved the house a precious $12.

“Freya, the resident pilates trainer in the house likes the fancy stuff, she’ll buy the expensive organic lavender and cinnamon one from Harris Farm and expect us all to chip in.”

“But we barely wash the dishes anyway.”

More to come.


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