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Damien (Damo) and his girlfriend, Caitlin, have been dating for nearly a decade, and as the pair are getting to the pointy end of their 30s there’s one glaring topic that’s on both their minds.


Unlike most other blokes in his position, Damo has a carefully mapped out a plan on how he’s going to afford to propose to his girlfriend and one true love.

Our reporter happened to be on the scene with Damo as the first leg of that plan got up.

“I’m still live, go you good thing!”

“Only 3 legs to go.”

“If this multi gets up I’m buying Caitlin a ring, I don’t care what anybody says!”

Our reporter then stayed with Damo at the scene to follow the story as it developed, unfortunately for Damo, his dream of buying Caitlin a ring after the last race came crashing down on the fourth leg.


“I was so close!”

“I guess Caitlin’s just going to have to wait.”

After reaching out to Caitlin to see how she felt about Damo hinging their future on a multi that may never come, it was discovered that she wasn’t even aware that Damo had taken up recreational gambling again.

“He told me he would stop gambling to save for a ring. He’s doing the complete opposite.”

Our reporter thought it best not to mention to Caitlin that he had since placed another multi, following the failure of the first.

More to come. 


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