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A local man who has spent the majority of his adult life talking up his sporting ability, has today had the wind knocked out of his sails after dislocating his shoulder within the first 5 minutes of a social game of touch football.

As the name implies, touch is virtually a no-contact sport so the fact that Luke Wilson dislocated his shoulder really beggars belief.

There are conflicting reports on exactly how the injury occurred, one witness says Luke was attempting to sidestep around an opponent when he slipped and landed directly on his shoulder.

Another swears she saw him running on to the field when he just tripped over thin air. 

What all witnesses can agree on is that while Luke was on the ground crying, his team members stood around referring to him as ‘chalk bones.’

Interestingly both these witness reports completely contradict Luke’s personal account.

Luke insists that he dislocated his shoulder after chasing down the fastest and biggest guy on the other team.

“It was really tough” he said as if trying to convince himself as well as our reporter.

“I think he’s an ex-Q-Cup player or something.”

It’s believed Luke has booked himself in to have elective shoulder surgery, conveniently putting him out of action for the remainder of the season.

More to come. 


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