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The Bureau of Meteorology has declared that La Nina is ‘officially over’ but states there’s a high chance it could be back to fuck up Spring.

Making sure to stop just as the country moves into the coldest and darkest part of winter, news that La Nina could be popping in for a visit during some of the best few months of the year has understandably pissed quite a few people off, who’d rather just be hit with the worst of it now instead of having it sprinkled throughout the year.

For hay fever sufferers especially, the idea that rain would be stirring up freshly bloomed flowers will likely result in many people creating makeshift nose plugs or pissing off the poor sods who sleep next to them, as they sniffle and snort into the wee hours of the morning.

With a 50% likelihood of occuring (double the normal likelihood) BOM warns the nation to prepare for a wet Spring, which is undoubtedly the least sexiest sounding kind of season.

When The Advocate reached out to La Nina for a quote as to why she’s doing this, she simply laughed and retorted ‘fuck you, that’s why.”

More to come.


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