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A local woman has been unable to escape her mental illness, after making the mistake of signing up to Quora.com roughly one year ago.

Leah Bhatt [26] reports that she’d been googling anxiety when she’d stumbled upon ‘Quora’, a question and answer site that took over the much beloved Yahoo Answers.

Explaining to our reporter that she doesn’t even remember signing up, Leah says her inbox is just a little too specific but that she just can’t find the will to unsubscribe, given how entertaining it is.

“It’s pretty eerie, I researched narcissists a little while ago and now I can’t stop getting those emails.”

“It’s like they’re pulling the questions straight out of my head?”

“It knows a little too much about me.” 

Adding that the influx of emails and Audible suggestions for books such as ‘How to not die alone’, and ‘Hello I want to die please fix me’, has her questioning her sanity, Leah says she might have to book a session with her psych.

“Am I okay? Do I ADHD?

“Do I attract emotionally unavailable people because I’m secretly emotionally unavailable?”

“I honestly don’t know anymore.”

More to come.


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