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Someone’s son put on a brave face today as young couple after young couple rolled their eyes at him, some even telling him what they thought of him, as he handed out flyers at the Greenbrier Road State School in Betoota Grove.

In one of the leafiest enclaves in our cosmopolitan desert republic, many Betoota Grove residents are voting for the wife of a prominent local insider trader who is running as an independent.

While the electorate of Maranoa is all but guaranteed for Nationals deputy David Littleproud, a small number of Liberal Party volunteers are volunteering for the Nationals in Betoota as it’s a busy inland port city with people from all over the country living and working here.

One of those volunteers is Michael-Peter White-Grey, who told The Advocate this morning at the once green-ribbon polling station that he’s copped quite the spray today and he’s looking forward to putting a jumper on and heading to the pub with his mates from school.

“Oh man,” he said.

“These bloody yuppies have just given it to me today. The only people who’ve been nice enough to say hello and give me a nod are the old bushies, the pensioners and the Old Labor guys who just enjoy the democratic ritual of voting,”

“But yeah, the worst are those bloody teal independent supporters. They reckon they’re out to change the world or something. All I want to do now is head to the pub for a few Pure Blondes and a debrief with the lads,”

“You know what really boils my piss about these people? They reckon the sausage sizzle is just a meme and they exist just because of polling day. They exist because public schools are underfunded and need to raise funds. Do they not have any self-awareness at all?”

Our reporter tried to speak to one of the yuppie teal couples but they saw them speaking to a Liberal so they told them to fuck off.

More to come.


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