A local Instagram celebrity has let all her followers know that she has voted this morning, taking to the platform to post an image of an election queue.

Framing up a shot of a long line of punters at a standstill, it’s believed local micro-influencer Britnee Walters (25) is keen to let all 1,150 of her Instagram followers know that she’s about to vote as is compulsory.

Decorating the post with a gif of an Australian flag, it’s understood Britnee has made comedic light of the situation by adding ‘You’re The Voice’ by John Farnham to soundtrack the story.

“Ooooh I wonder if they have any more special gifs this year, it’s so cute when Instagram do those little sausage sandwich ones!”

After spending the last several weeks ignoring the majority of election coverage, it’s understood the local beautician has attended the election centre in hope of avoiding any fines and abiding to section 245(1) of the ​​Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Speaking to The Advocate, young Britnee told our reporter that she was pretty confident in her ability to wrestle with both papers for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“This is actually the second time I’ve voted, so I’ve totally got the hang of it,” said Britnee.

“So it’s 1-6 on the little paper and then I vote below the line on the other!”

“Oh wait, is it the other way round…”

Taking a look around to see which other local celebrities had turned up to vote, it’s believed Brittnee was overjoyed to spot her close friend Aimee Wilton-Smith, who also boasts a considerable following of 1,382 people, due to her work as a personal trainer at Betoota Ponds Snap Fitness.

“Haha hayyyyy, I’ll see you after!” cooed Britnee.

“Who are ya voting for? Haha, no tell me after this ha ha…”

“I’ll see you at the sausage sizzle, let’s TikTok it!”

More to come.


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