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A young man who’s spent 32 years living in his entrepreneur father’s shadow has blasted a Betoota Heights state school for charging him $5 for a deluxe democracy sausage.

Speaking to The Advocate outside the only polling station in our town’s north, Spencer-Douglas Sterling-Langley said on top of the extortionate price they’re charging for food, “these people” had the hide to ask $2 for a can of Sprite and a further $4 for a Violet Crumble.

“I came here with $20 and I’ve left with pretty much nothing,” he said with $9 in coins in his puffer jacket pocket.

“And look what I have for it. One sandwich with a Coles beef and sawdust sausage in it. Some onions and some sauce. This can of Sprite is warm and a Violet Crumble should never be more than a dollar,”

“Such a rip off.”

However, Glenn McCormac from the Hinze Street State School Parents & Community Group has defended the prices his fundraising barbecue is charging, telling our reporter that it’s not about having the best prices for their customers, it’s about finally getting the library that’s been promised for the past 7 years finally built.

He explained that the Queensland Government and the Federal Government have promised to fund a portion of the build but the rest needs to come from the community.

After pointing our Mr Sterling-Langley to Glenn, he sarcastically laughed and shook his head.

“Yeah that Tory chode cunt in the puffer jacket,” he said.

“He was blowing up deluxe at the prices, then the big forehead prick got in his Tesla and hummed off into the distance. Mate, I wish I didn’t have to put this stupid fucking apron on and sell these bloody things. I wish I voted like half the yuppie dogs here with their disgraceful guts hanging over the front of their $300 Nudie jeans and just fucked off back to my renovated worker’s cottage, I really do,”

“But instead, I need to do my bit so at least some kids that come here in the future can have a library that’s not a converted Year 4 classroom once a month. Anyway, if you don’t want a sausage or a drink, fuck off. I’ve got some protein to shift.”

More to come.


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