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A local city worker just cannot wrap their head around the fact that there are people out there who vote for Scott Morrison and think he’s doing a great job of being Prime Minister.

Senior public servant Johanna Lido, who works in a delightfully restored heritage building in our town’s Old City District and takes home over two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand-dollars a year, said he can’t even look at a picture of Scott Morrison anymore and that she’s embarrassed about him being our leader.

“How can anyone vote for this bozo?” she asked our reporter.

“You would have to have brain damage. I can’t believe that half the country has brain damage?”

Johanna told our reporters that despite attending the best high school in the Diamantina, followed by storied student life at The Skase Business School at South Betoota Polytechnic College, she maintains that she’s not detached from society to the point where she only interacts with people who share her exact opinion on almost everything.

“All my friends think Scott Morrison is a dickhead,” she said.

“Well, except for Sandy but she works in finance and wears the pants in her marriage.”

Sandy bought her four-story house in the French Quarter for a hundred thousand dollars in 1975 and has used the equity in that asset to invest in other real estate in the area. Thanks largely to the Federal Government’s generous tax concessions over the years, Sandy and her family have been able to accrue a significant wealth based almost entirely on real estate and shares.

Further tax concessions and schemes has allowed Sandy to minimise her tax to the point where it’s almost tokenistic to even pay it.

Sandy’s son, who has recently started his own carpentry and construction business, has also been able to grow a significant amount of wealth thanks to the government’s overly generous business and corporate tax policies.

Her son, David, doesn’t use the internet much and his mates know as much about politics as Johanna does about the career of Jason Little or Dave Taylor. They don’t really talk about it, other than being railroaded into participating in democracy once every three or four years.

“I have no idea who’d vote for Scott Morrison, he’s an idiot,” said Johanna.

“I certainly wouldn’t be friends with anyone who does vote for him.”

More to come.


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