Scotty From Marketing’s disastrous holiday to Glasgow has gotten even messier today, after it was revealed that not only is he willing to lie to world leaders to save his neck, but he’s not above leaking his sensitive correspondence with them to Australia’s conservative media outlets.

The Australian Prime Minister has been accused of misleading the US Government in an effort to wrangle a photoshoot alongside Joe Biden in late September, when it was announced he was would be ditching a $90b submarine deal with the French and instead going with the Americans and British.

However, the French President Emmanuel Macron has this week revealed that Scotty had not revealed his plans to form a security pact with US President Biden, until literally hours before he appeared on TV with the him.

The US President has since come forward to assure Macron that he had no idea that the Australian Prime Minister has been communicating so poorly with him – and insists that he had been informed that Morrison had kept the French Government completely up to date with his plans to throw them under the bus.

Morrison is accused of lying through his teeth to both the US and French governments so that he could clear the way to announce and extremely reckless trilateral security partnership with Britain and America in an effort to drown out all the news about how badly he had fucked up the pandemic management.

During the three-way livestreamed announcement, aimed at aggravating China and making Morrison look like a remotely competent leader with powerful friends – it was assumed that Australia had held up our end of the bargain by keeping the French informed about his plans to go in a different direction.

However, as confirmed by Biden and Macron this week, Scotty From Marketing did not do that, even if he said he did.

With now the US and French completely backpedalling from any association with Australian, and our Prime Minister viewed as one of the most untrustworthy world leaders currently pretending to care about climate change in Glasgow, it seems Scotty’s plan pit Europe against America has backfired spectacularly.

The Aussie PM is now spinning into damage control, which is never a good thing, because it usually results in him pouring petrol on the situation him backgrounding his critics and leaking information to the media.

He has come out on the front foot today and actively chosen to not apologise, opting to instead tell more lies.

“I did not lie to the US and French Governments” lied the Australian Prime Minister, in his newsest lie.


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